The passion and experience of Dora Marcano
to the service of Permanent Make-up operators.      

Dora Marcano: One of the best worldwide experts of Permanent Make-up.

Born in Venezuela in 1979, Dora comes into contact with the world of beauty from a young age. After participating in several beauty contests, she is passionate about the make-up and permanent make up. Her passion will lead her to Italy, where in 2002 she obtained the European Beautician Qualification for the Ferrara Format.

After attending the Academy of Make Up in Bologna, she definitively arrives at the world of Permanent Makeup: she carries out several training courses throughout Europe and deepens her experience on the field traveling all over the world and coming into contact with the maximum field experts. It is precisely these trips that provide Dora Marcano with extensive knowledge in the applications of Permanent make up to different ethnic groups, specializing in cosmetology and corrective make-up.