“ The passion and experience of Dora Marcano
to the service of Permanent Make-up operators .      

Permanent make-up training courses.

From the basics to the most complex techniques and practices, the individual course of Permanent Make-up followed by Dora allows to obtain a true 360 ° knowledge on this important branch of PMU. A tailor-made itinerary for you, with all the assistance of one of the best professionals in Italy and in Europe. A real important step for your professional advancement, which will enable you to analyze and practice quality corrective actions, for maximum satisfaction of your customers.


  • Preparatory make-up focused on permanent make-up.
  • Knowledge of Dermatology applied to permanent make-up.

    Individual courses and Master.

    The Dora Marcano Masters are specialized courses dedicated to specific problems in the areas subjected to PMU or corrective makeup treatment, ideal for refining the techniques of operators already introduced in the field and with a good level of experience.

    The same experience of Dora has helped to develop precise protocols to improve the PMU techniques already existing on the market. In specific, the Master courses are focalized on:

    • Eyebrow specialization :
    • Natural sleeping effect
    • Nuance effect
    • Elegant eyebrow ( realistic)
    • Eye Specialization : 
    • Graphic and corrective Eyeliner of the eyes forms
    • Nuance Eyeliner
    • Lips Specialization : 
    • Tecnica Correzione di simmetria Basic technique symmetry correction
    • Nude technique
    • Elegant lips technique
    • Paramedical

      Corrective Permanente Make-up.

      Learn how to solve the errors and works by other operators, correcting the unpleasant results of inexperienced hands: this is the goal of the individual course with Dora Marcano. A practical and theoretical study on corrective PMU, also known as corrective makeup. That of Dora Marcano will be a highly personalized and tailor-made accompaniment. Starting from the basic problems, we will gradually move to an advanced step, for a course designed to develop maximum autonomy in this type of intervention,  with consequent professional growth.

      The training courses are focalized on:

      • Corrective / colorimetry and pigmentology to coorect old PMU NOT  PERFORMED  CORRECTLY.