The passion and experience of Dora Marcano
to the service of operators of the Permanent Make up. 

Permanent Make-up

The Permanent Make-up (PMU) is a field of aesthetics in which the main objective is to modify, beautify and rebalance the facial features. In particular, this technique allows you to intervene on eyebrows, eyes, lips, enhancing the natural features of the face and correcting small imperfections by means of a precise tattoo. All with an absolutely refined result, respectful of the features, which will allow you to look in the mirror with greater awareness of your beauty.

Permanent makeup is an absolutely non-invasive tattoo technique. This is mainly thanks to the use of natural and bioabsorbable pigments, which over time are absorbed by our body, resulting in a limited duration of makeup (from 1 to 5 years, depending on the technique used, pigments and skin type). This makes it possible to intervene even after the first application, adjusting the tattoo to the natural changes of the face over time. The final effect will therefore be anything but artificial, and will really enhance the beauty of our face, for a more neat and tidy look in everyday life.